Meetup 007 : Epistolary Fiction

Greetings and warm hello’s,

How are you guys doing? How is the week treating you so far?

So this weekend, Susan, our little fun bunch transported us to a land of pigeons, handmade paper and fountain pens. We re-discovered the long lost art of letter writing this week and ended up having one of the most interesting meetups ever, with nostalgic discussions flying about all along.

What can I say, being a fan of hand-written letters myself, I loved the entire activity and couldn’t have done it better anyway else. I don’t think any one of the 18 perceptive writers who were with us, would disagree with me if I said the meetup was absolutely worth by the minute. All of us had a lot to write, lot to share and a lot to say and the activities just brought out the best from all of us.

write club posterActivity:

The activity was pretty simple. Each of us was given a particular inspirational and complex real-time situation for which an appropriate letter had to be written. The three types of letters, we were to choose from are:

  1. A letter to your father.
  2. A letter to your brother.
  3. A letter to your mentor.

More specific details can be found : WC-Hyd-M007

See you guys, next weekend, when we have more fun, more writing on another interesting theme! 🙂

As always, please feel free to share your works and feedback on the theme and meetup, in the comments section.


Feel free to share your opinions or feedback!

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