Meetup 009: Fantasy Fiction

s-l1000Hello there, fellow writers! Hope you’re having a magical week, much like the last weekend.

Last weekend, we had one of the most creative and fun meetups ever, with words, magic and drama flying about. One of our theatrical, adorable, versatile writers, Krishanth hosted the meetup and needless to say, I regret my absence at the meetup. Also evidently, I may not be able to give a direct note on the meetup, but I’ve not heard anything but good words about it. So here goes.


Initially, Krishanth delivered a brief talk about the fantasy genre’s two major aspects. One, building of the world and two, the path of the hero. Based on these two ideals, the exercises were constructed.


Build an element of a world of your imagination, and describing it with imagery. Create a vivid picture of it for the reader/listener.

The participants were asked to write short stories/write-up(s) hinting and accommodating the objective of the exercise in a subtle yet poignant manner.

Each of the stories thus written were shared and discussed. And in the host’s own words, all the participants had fabulous stories to share. One may say that the weekend would have portrayed the influence of G.R.R.Tolkein, J.K.Rowling, Stephanie Meyer and the like, in the most imaginative and beautiful ways ever!

See you guys, next weekend, when we have more fun, more writing on another interesting theme! As always, please feel free to share your works and feedback on the theme and meetup, in the comments section.

P.S: Watch out for the next weekend, we go binary! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Meetup 009: Fantasy Fiction


    The bullies at school chased me out of school today too and as usual I started running up the hill near our school. Yes, I know no one is supposed to go up that hill – its haunted. But then I wasn’t thinking straight. All I wanted was to get as far as possible from those bullies. My mind was clouded and before I knew I slipped found myself tumbling down down the slope. My steep fall was stopped by a random stone poking out of the slope. It looked rather weird almost my height and similar width as me. Before I could gather my thoughts the stone started transforming into a BOY. Holy shit – I couldn’t believe myself. But then when he picked me up – his cold stony hands felt real. It had to be true. For a moment I was scared – what if this thing crushes my hand. But the gentleness with which he held me – put any such fear out of my mind. He held my hand and soon we started levitating. Yes you heard it right – LEVITATING. I am already liking my new friend. We started floating – heading back to my school. On way, I make a feeble attempt to start a conversation “Whats your N-a-m-e? Naam? Peru?” He just smiled and said “I don’t remember my name. I was cursed centuries back by an angry sage. He said I will lose all my memory and will turn to stone till someone with a pure heart doesn’t come along and touch it” I felt good about myself. Finally someone has said something good about myself. Pure heart. Nice! From today I shall call myself Santosh – the Pure heart. That shall be my Facebook name as well. As I was lost in thoughts of how this new name will impact my social status – Stone boy, well thats what I decided to name him – got me back to the school ground.

    The bullies were still there – playing as if they own the ground. Funny – I didn’t mention anything to Stoneboy. But the look in his face clearly showed that he knew everything. Looking at my puzzled face he said “Chill out Santosh – the pure heart. I have magical powers. One of, actually the only perk of being cursed for centuries. I can read peoples mind. Thats how I picked your langauge.

    Pointing to the biggest amongst the bully gang, he said “He pretends to be the alpha male – but in reality he is a scared brat. He is afraid of Lizards” I gave him a “dont-talk-bullshit” look. “You don’t believe me, then see it for yourself”. Just then I found myself on the back of a giant Lizard. Stone boy was sat behind me. I had the reins of the lizard in my hand. Stoneboy said “What you waiting for? An auspicious occasion? Lets teach that brat a lesson – shall we?” He winked. I now came to the realisation that this dude is the real deal!

    I yanked hard at the lease, the lizard started racing towards bullies. They looked up at us and for a moment froze with fear. After the initial shock had worn they behaved like how any other kid in that situation would behave – that is start crying and calling their mother for help. All kids dispersed except for the BRAT. He just stood there – frozen with a wet pair of shorts.

    Just then am ambulance whizzed past. I heard them say “A body has been found lying on the slope” I looked back, all kids were still there playing normally but the BRAT was still there – frozen with his wet shorts. He was still looking straight at me. Shivering in fright he said “Sorry”. I hesitated for a moment, but then when I did truly forgive him I started floating up.


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  2. Write Club Meetup #9 : Short Fantasy Story.
    Title : “Fusion : Origin”
    Susan woke up with a start. The clock on her bedside table read 6:00 am. Not that it mattered. Days and nights had long ceased to have any meaning ever since the great battle of Thermopylae. Humans had long since lost their mortal bodies and were existing only as a brain. A brain melded with a mishmash of biological and titanium appendages.

    She took the 5 mg dose of Oxypetrin, a wonder drug that would simultaneously give oxygen and energy, that would power her through the day. She stretched and looked out of the window. The dark and shiny windows, of the massive edifice, that was Boston Dynamics, stared at her. A beep on her communication device disrupted her thoughts. A holographic image of her boss Omega5000, a D class bot, popped up. He wanted her in office ASAP. Something regarding a hydro-fusion emergency.

    She sighed internally and changed quickly, put on a standard work bodysuit, and dashed out of her apartment. A flick of a switch started the fusion boosters. She braced herself for the aerodynamic drag and closed her eyes. A few seconds later, she was outside the doors of a giant carbon fiber building neuro-scan admitted her and she walked into the dark foyer. A couple of more security checks later, she sauntered into her office. “Hey Susan !! Fancy seeing you here so early”, echoed a voice. She whipped around and found herself face to face with Rick aka DeltaBox. Rick was a strikingly handsome man, who was indistinguishable from a human. He spoke with a British accent. But Susan knew better. Robots had recently figured out to mimic human forms and were trying to figure out the human brain. This would prove to be one of the turning points in the future.


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