Meetup 010: Resolve the Conflict

Alright people! Give me a cheer, tap your toes! Because write club, Hyderabad is now ten weeks old. And as an ode to the same, the meetup was simply spectacular. The rain on the day gave us a tough time to handle, but it also stood as a good example for our stubborn will to write and Lamakaans loveliness!

So this week, we covered a bit and piece of one of the most important elements of writing and literature. Conflict Resolution!


This week I hosted a session involving an element of elaborate understanding on the types and consequences of conflicts and their resolutions!

All of the 10 members who have been there admitted to have enjoyed the session, just as much as they did whilst pulling my leg! 😛


The Exercise was fairly simple. All the participants had to do was to pick out a type of conflict, along with an unrelated image prompt. The objective was to blend in both the prompt, the theme and the conflict amicably and weave a story/write-up on the same.

Types of conflicts:

  • Person Versus Person
  • Person Versus Self
  • Person Versus Nature
  • Person Versus Supernatural
  • Person Versus Technology
  • Person Versus Society


(Pic Courtesy: Humans of New York and Humans of Bombay)

The activity was fun with the participants presenting an array of stories in the most vernacular and versatile ways ever. We had stories that were true to life, impressionable and just merely captivating and nothing beats the high of being lost in story telling! Thank you people, for sharing your stories! It was wonderful to have you guys!

Also, this week is bound to have a couple of surprises, being the tenth one! So watch out the space for some excitement!

See you guys, next weekend, when we have more fun, more writing on another interesting theme! As always, please feel free to share your works and feedback on the theme and meetup, in the comments section.


About Write Club Team

Write Club Team comprises of highly motivated writers and creative inhabitants, who aspire to make Hyderabad an empowering abode for fabulous writers.

One thought on “Meetup 010: Resolve the Conflict

  1. Write Club Meetup #10 : Conflict and Resolution.
    Title : “Their Story”
    As I exit the revolving doors of New York times building, a bad day at work has ensured that my mood is completely fouled up. I absently pull out a cigarette and light it. The deep aroma of tobacco provides momentary relief, even as I know that long term it will eventually kill me. A short walk and a mile later, am walking down the long tiled pathway of Central Park. Am curious about the kind of person I would be meeting. As I turn around the corner I catch sight of two women. One of them is in a wheelchair and other is gently pushing it. As they see me, they wave their hands energetically and I hurry over. They introduce themselves as Alice and Kate. This is their story.

    Growing up in the 60s, Alice had always been somewhat of a rebel. As a woman, black and living at a time when racism was prevalent and acceptable across America, she was no stranger to prejudices. Despite all the odds that were stacked against her, she worked her way up to law school and began working as a paralegal for, Stein and Walthers, the leading law firm at the time. One would have thought that she had overcome all the odd, when in 1979 she did the unthinkable. She went ahead and married her childhood best friend, Kate.”It was funny how that single action would have ramifications on my entire life. My family, who until now had been supremely proud of me, disowned me. But that only made my resolve stronger.”
    Kate was a beautiful woman. She was fit, had slender arms and a figure that would make women envy and the men stare. She was as kind as she was beautiful. For Alice, as long as Kate was there, none of the negativity of life mattered. She was like a pillar of support. At this point Alice’s eyes tear up. I offer her some water and she continues. It was December of 1988. Kate was coming home from the grocery store. It was the worst winter storm of the decade. Despite being a pro driver instructor, she lost control of the vehicle and rammed into a truck. She lost control of the vehicle and skidded onto the pavement. Fortunately, she survived. However her legs were damaged beyond repair. The once lovely Kate, became a pale shadow of her former self. The years that followed were utter hell. Kate would require Alice’s help for every small task. Slowly and gradually Alice learnt to cope up and gradually a semblance of normalcy returned to their lives, though it would never quite be the same as before.

    The year 2000, heralded the arrival of automatic wheelchairs, and things took on a slightly more positive tinge. Kate was, by now, largely independent. Changing attitudes and same sex marriage and increasing racial equality, had bought about big changes in the American society.
    “During the dark years, following the accident, I was almost ready to give up. Give up on my life, my marriage and my will to live. At times like these, my mind, would go to that moment when I married and I would console myself, that better days were ahead. Thinking about it, I just kept walking ahead, never stopping. Am glad I did.”

    As I warp up the interview, am amazed at the willpower and determination of the 2 women in front of me, which enabled them to overcome all odds. As I exit the part, the blaring horns, of New York’s traffic jolt me back into the reality of daily life. I reach my pockets for a cigarette and am about to light it when my phone rings. It’s from my wife. For some reason, as I throw my cigarette away and answer the call, I feel more blessed than usual.


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