Meetup 015: Logic Discarded. Comedy Ensued

Hello there!

Eid Mubarak, guys! 🙂

This weekend, we had one of our most exuberant and liveliest members, Abhishek Sagar host a session. And as goes his sense of humor, so went the topic – Comedy – one of the toughest elements to imbibe in writing (in my opinion). And that put us all in a pickle, at write club this week. Instigating laughter and fun in the reader, through a story, is highly important to it’s success and Abhishek, helped us pen it right there in the subtlest way!

Eid took a toll on our member count, this weekend. We missed the members who couldn’t make it, a lot more than ever. But.. But, Write Club sessions, as always, are super fun! And with the theme itself speaking for fun, we had an amazing time altogether. It was great to explore tickling comedy from the most obscure of elements and write stories pregnant with illogical conclusions.


Imagine any situation and write a story with the eye of a comedian, turning the tables to an absolutely logic-less conclusion. Any situation/setting/place would do.

Find more material on the meetup: WC-Hyd-M015

Well, I must say, it was nothing less than attending a paid stand up comedy show. We did have a lot of one liners from John, a twisted double sided story from Prithvi, a dynamic, wavering story of a man.from the host himself and finally Amit showed food to us from an honest and thereby humorous viewpoint.

So anyway, see you guys, next weekend, when we have more fun, more writing on another interesting theme! As always, please feel free to share your works and feedback on the theme and meetup, in the comments section.


About Write Club Team

Write Club Team comprises of highly motivated writers and creative inhabitants, who aspire to make Hyderabad an empowering abode for fabulous writers.

2 thoughts on “Meetup 015: Logic Discarded. Comedy Ensued

  1. My essay “Destiny of life”, some corrections are in progress…

    The Destiny of Life:

    Is it really true that we all are really destined and each step made by us really makes us to move ahead towards what we are destined to?

    If the assumption that we all are destined to reach something and that what all we do makes us to move closer to what we have been destined to is true then accomplishing what we have been assigned for should actually bring out the joy from innerself because of the reason, the most simple reason, the accomplishment.

    But most of the people live unaccomplished and implying that what they have been destined to in their life is ironically has never been understood by them yet it might have been accomplished since as a rule we all are destined.

    Now a thing done unknowingly, without any proof of accomplishemt, can we call it “DESTINATION”?
    Isn’t that a compulsion?

    Given that we are really destined since our birth and that we are constantly marching towards it, one destination that seems apparent to me is the death. So, to die we all are born. This is true obviously. So should we have to kill ourselves in the name of pre-destined living beings? If no, we don’t need such a destiny. So, to what we are destined to couldn’t be death.

    Assuming that we are destined to live, even then from the fact that we cannot live forever, it cannot be our destiny because destiny is something that can be and should be achieved.

    Hence, neither to live nor to die can’t be our destinies. So, it must be in the path we take during this little process of life, the way we live and what we have become must include our destiny.

    So what way could it be? What is the way all the humans are really living in common? What is there in common between -a life led by the rich and by the poor? , a life of a criminal and that of a pious man? , a life led by two exactly oppositely natured (composed) humans?

    Paradoxically, the only thing that is common to everyone is that they live irrespective of the way we live.

    In fact, to live is one of the common instincts of the life even to living organisms as small as a virus or that which is as large as an elephant or which is as intelligent as a human.

    For years, millions it would amount to if I start counting back from here, all the living organisms are just concerned about only one thing “LIVING”. It is the only thing that is well established in this world. Living is not just about reproduction, it means about continuity of life not till the life of an individual ends. Individual is a local concept where as Life form is the broader concept (this assumption would solve our paradox) and to continue life form it is something more than just reproduction, ofcourse even this is also essential part but cannot make the whole part of it.

    There are some essentials which are conceived by the life form itself for the continution of itself. When it is the evil traits that were developed in the brains of some, the GOD is created in the minds of other, when it is war that striked ones brain peace has hit some other person’s.

    In one way or other a balance or continual equation is always obtained. Thus, the destiny of life is to live and the way we live cannot be any parameter to how far we reached our destination because we would reach what we are destined to as it is a common rule.

    We all are just the independent parameters of a well established and self-governing equation. No condition can predict what form an independent variable can take but all these parameters lead to the outcome.

    Thus, to live life in ones own way is the prime right. Ones ways cannot be a hurdle to what one is destined to. After all, this destiny is a pre-determined one.

    So, no problem in living ones life in ones own way. One can never be put in compulsion nor can be judged because basic instinct of life, the continuity of life, requires all odds for it to achieved and requires you to be you.
    Thus this destiny, is not about life, not about death, not about the way we live it but it is all about the continuity of the life form in form or the other no matter human form is included in it or not.

    Still, in this long talk, there is a gloomy part that is left untouched till now. What about the joy of accomplishment?

    Once one understood that we can really accomplish this pre-determined destiny without actually thinking of how to achieve it and understanding that it is a “default” neutral destiny in everyones life and actually one can appreciate on every morning while taking a glance at the rising Sun that one has accomplished some part of ones destiny the previous day and has lent ones arms to the continual of all of the forms of this mystical life and everything around you is just because how you have acted the previous day and still depends a lot on – how you will act today – and how much of “you” you actually exhibit instead of living some others life.

    Such a destiny which requires you to be you and no compulsion on the way you live and gives you as much power as does possessed by a creator for every second you actually lived “your” life – doesn’t that make the sense of a real accomplishment? and as said previously, we have every reason to be joyful as just now we came to know of the simple reason, the accomplishment, has actually been accomplished whose proof is the life form itself of which we are a part of.


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