The Joke’s on Me

Unchained by the umbilical cord of cordial chaos,
Comes a man dressed like a clown,
Who deals in mysterious methods of madness.
He revels in the reverberations of buildings blown,
Explosions shatter glass around his gleeful grin.

Loosened by the leash of impatient insanity,
Comes a man acting like a lunatic,
Who favours only acerbic actions of anarchy.
He partakes in the pandemonium of a terrible trick,
Flames devour breath around his sordid sin.

Released by the rope of murderous mania,
Comes a man talking like a joker,
Who speaks of wry words of wickedness.
He disguises in the dementia of a boisterous broker,
Death strikes air around his corrupt chin.

Author: Siddharth Naidu


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