My Rapport

Well ,the first time he came to look at me was 3 years ago on a summer evening .He was looking much younger then ,but tall being a basketball player he was .He took me filled me with lots of air and touched me passionately ,so passionate he was that I could feel his love all over my body .He bounced me a couple of times and I retreated with the same vigor .He was glad and gave a glee to the shopkeeper . ‘I love it ‘ he said and paid 1000 bucks to get me.

And then started our rapport .He is a kid but still tough with his regimen .We both would practice for hours together in the court .He would roll me in the air ,hit me on the ground ,swap between his hands and build his skills to improve his game .The fine grip of my body struck to him as he meddled with other players to reach his goal –the basket .He is a good player keen to develop his skills .I loved this long hour workouts with him and involved myself as passionate as he was and ran as fast as he could .He too loved me a lot whether I hit him a couple of times ,fractured his fingers or missed his targets .But a day has come where he had to say ‘good bye’ to me .It seems he stays in a boarding school .He was sad leaving his home ,parents, hometown and of course me but some things are inevitable .I too bid him ‘good bye’ along with his family .

Four months passed by and all these days ,no one would look at me and would touch me .I was put on the top of a cupboard ,safely in a box .Boredom took me over and I was struggling to pass my time and was getting pretty much disturbed due to isolation .Then came the day when he would return back and for which I was eagerly waiting for.There were no bounds to my joy and good days were back .This time being the winter ,we worked even harder .Neither the sun nor his energy could stop his spirits from pursuing his love .He practiced ,practiced and practiced and I helped to make a player out of him .And this time it seemed that he would take me along to his school .And as I imagined he did and that’s the first time I saw this big world beyond the town .So ,big it was that I never imagined and his school could be the best one that I ever saw with it’s majestic palace ,orchards and playgrounds .

Then he introduced me to his friends with each one rolling me in the air and playing with me .Perhaps I received the best honor that no one would ever could ,being played in a match on the very first day .All his friends were as good as him .Their moves ,fakes and lay –ups were damn perfect .As time passed ,his friends have become mine and I spent quite a long time with all of them away from him both in the court and their hearts .

But being a faithful servant I did not realize that I was getting worn out over the years and as with all matters of humans ,they started neglecting me and one day I was thrown into a dust bin .They do it with everyone , their loved ones ,friends ,pets and after all I am a ‘BASKET BALL’.


Author: Prem


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