Meetup 047: The rise of the Anti-hero

Last weekend, one of our regulars Vamsi hosted the session. He is a wonderful regular at WC, a creative head and a happy soul. It’s always fun to listen to his stories. Vamsi made up for an excellent debut session hosting at WC.

The Exercise:

We had to write on the nuances of a story revolving around an ‘Anti-Hero’.

An antihero (or antiheroine) is a protagonist who lacks conventional heroic qualities such as idealism, courage, or morality. These individuals often possess dark personality traits such as disagreeableness, dishonesty, and aggressiveness.

The following exemplify the qualities of an antihero – a protagonist whose characteristics include the following:

  • imperfections that separate them from typically heroic characters
  • lack of positive qualities such as “courage, physical prowess, and fortitude,” and “generally feel helpless in a world over which they have no control”;
  • qualities considered dark traits, usually belonging to villains, (amorality, greed, violent tendencies, etc.)[3] that may be tempered with more human, identifiable traits (confusion, self-hatred, etc.).
  • possibly noble but ambiguous motives pursued by the belief that “the ends justify the means

Vamsi’s session surely goes into our top list of best sessions at WC, so far. The theme was simple yet complicating, interesting, extremely challenging. Thanks to Vamsi, for a wonderful session last weekend!


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