The Making of Mizu – A VLog By Arunlekha Sengupta

How did the idea of Mizu and the Water Warrior strike you?

“Sometimes you work hard to think up a story and other times they glide to you in your dream. As I entered this island hotel, in Thailand, I felt it by the prickling of my thumbs that something eerie was coming this way. The story came to me in bits and pieces, with the clear image of a cleaning cart and the desperate feeling of being stuck in a limbo. I prayed to Stephen King and got down to writing it. In the end, it wasn’t so much a horror story as a story about a mystery about love, friendship, dogs and that A word. I have tried my hand at it all. Now fingers crossed – that readers like it.

Oh! How was my Thai vacation you ask? It was pretty relaxing”

The Source of Inspiration!


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