The making of ‘The Sarpanch of Hamilton’

Seven sea’s away, seven years ago – Roj was born in the unlikeliest of places – Hamilton, Canada.

I was alone for the first time, and that needs some getting used to. I roamed the streets of Hamilton, sometimes in the wee hours, and unknowingly I took in all that is Hamilton, and kept it locked up.

The night before I was to start writing for the anthology, I was super excited and lets just say my subconscious was acting up and clubbed Hamilton and surprisingly all the memories, notions, and observations that I had with the stereo typical ‘village’ bordering Maharashtra and Andhra -Thanks to the many Shirdi trips and the road trips to Mumbai.

The thing that struck me most during my stay in Canada was the clean political environment. If you have your heart in the right place and toss in maybe a little bit of charm. Like our boy Trudeau. You could make it there.

So I wondered If you were born in a completely different society, raised among completely different people. Spoke the language, yes – but in a completely different way. Would you make it? Would Roj make it?

Writing “Sarpanch of Hamilton”  was a great experience. I hope you will enjoy reading it.

– Prithvi Yadama


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