Meetup 051: Ideate-mix-collaborate-mix-write!

Last weekend, we had our chirpiest creative writers of the group, Megh hosting a session. A multi-faceted personality, I’d say. She’s a stand up comic, amazing auto-fiction writer and a wonderful person to hang out with !For all you know, she’s a bundle of talents and I can only expect the best from her.

She hosted a really really REALLY challenging mix-n-match session. Our written works are created by multiple people together (collaboratively) rather than individually.

The Exercise:

Write up the first part of your story:

  1. Establish a character and setting.
  2. Introduce a character another writer (from the group)
  3. Pick a whacky plot from the prompts and build it with both given characters and setting.
  4. Pick up another prompt to induce a hilarious twisting climax!
  5. Blend ’em together! Make it a story!

We practically cracked our heads to bring the story together and eventually managed to come up with some of the whackiest, craziest, still the most creative of stories.

Thank you so much Megh, for the most intriguing session ever!


Feel free to share your opinions or feedback!

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