Meetup 071: Natural Setting

So for some glitches and reasons we had to skip write club for a week. With that noted, last weekend, we had one of our most vernacular and expressive writers, Arun hosting a session on natural setting.

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The Exercises:


Write about an untamed (even urban wild) animal and its characteristics under a natural setting, without stereotyping it!
It should be as though the animal were to be any other natural character used in a setting of consequence with actions that deem normal to its nature.

For eg: Write about a crow stealing something, without stereotyping it – as though it were doing it because it is a crow!

The Activity:

  • Present to us a plot, that may not necessarily be closed-ended, in a natural setting.
  • The plot could involve any action or consequence.
  • Maintain that the whole plot/storyline revolves around a singular natural setting.
  • Let the plot have its significance and lead within the story.


Review on the Meetup:

In his own words, Arun said –

The session turned out to be rich with diverse imagery and metaphors. Thanks to all the participants for sharing their words and feelings. I liked Vidya’s story that connected the climate, tree, animals, forest, feelings, and personality with strong use of senses. Upasana’s frames and moods were so craftily presented into writing that the symbols they all made with the setting formed a complex interactive story. To depict the city’s blush with Gulmohars, the waves of Hiranmayee’s grieving and the beauty of the sea in her words, Keku’s depiction of universal emotions over a crafted anthropological setting, Kashyap’s dilemma on a desert highway, Dhiraj’s monkey-cracy, Sravanthi’s settings that depicted personality traits, Vikas’s eagle nest, Siddharth’s presentation of the 10 calamities, and Santosh’s bathroom suspense thriller made up a collection that is strong in diversity and picture.

Thanks to Arun, for bringing us to an amazing session!


P.S: We apologize for the inconsistency in posting meetup updates or hosting consecutive meetups! Life and rains have finally made their way to us! But then again, we’re back and there’s no stopping further! 
– Sravanthi Talluri, Founder/Organizer, Write Club Hyderabad


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