Write Club Anthology – Open for Entries

After the success of our first anthology

“Of Blood and Ink”

We’ve decided to do it again! This time, it’s an open contest!

Pen down a write up on the below theme and send it to us!



The unknown and unpredictable communication with an object or a person that caused an event to result in a certain way rather than another

What happens when you unexpectedly face someone?

What do you do when you have your first encounter with something?

When was the last time you had an unexpected or casual meeting with someone or something?

Tell us all about a fascinating encounter that turned tables over!

November 25th


  • The participant should have attended Write Club at least twice (2 times) until the date of submission.

What’s in it for you?

An opportunity to have an entry into a book of Write Club’s anthology of short stories for this year. We know by experience, how satisfying and difficult it can be for your words to see the light of day. Helping even a handful of talented writers get their words into the world, online or on-paper is the goal of this anthology.

What wins the contest?

  • 10 well-written write-ups with plausible structure, captivating characters, and gripping narratives.
  • We love writers who show that they do!
  • Feel free to take some risks, if you wish!
  • Let your words make us think, feel and express! And you’re a winner.
  • Explore writing forms and genres, we accept them all as long as it adheres to our theme — stories, poems — fiction, nonfiction, and even beyond.


  1. The theme should be Inherent and Integral to the write-up!
  2. Submissions must be your original work and no longer than 3,500 words.
  3. We will accept previously published work as long as the piece is eligible to be republished. Include information about previous publications at the end of the document.
  4. Please submit your entry as a Word document (.doc or .docx). Don’t forget to add in your name (pseudonyms accepted)!
  5. Include the title in a header on each page.
  6. You can NOT submit more than one piece.
  7. If you are simultaneously submitting a story to other publications, please let us know. And if it’s accepted elsewhere, please withdraw the piece immediately.
  8. Entries submitted after the deadline will not be considered.
  9. The entries must be sent to writeclubhyd@gmail.com

In case of any further questions about anything at all,

Write to us at writeclubhyd@gmail.com


Feel free to share your opinions or feedback!

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