Meetup 76: Strong Characters

Last weekend, we had Varnika, our bubbly and lovely newbie hosting a session. She is, by far, one of the most eloquent writers at our little abode and always manages to thrill us with her stories. And so, a session by her carried the same exuberance all through the session.

The idea was simple. We were to pin our heads down in creating Strong Characters. We were to establish a character, rather present all through the story. To list out characters that were an impact in your life is an impossibly subjective, impossibly unfair, impossibly quixotic task. And to create one that enthrals your readers to their very core is an even bigger challenge.

The Exercise:

Build a character that makes your reader feel and evoke every single emotion that you would like them to sense. The story should be driven, led and compulsively held by your character and the character alone.

Look at the writers in action:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The idea, though open-ended, drew wide range of responses from each of our members and the stories were a delight to hear to. The perspectives presented made us realize the versatility, we at WC hold.

Thanks to Varnika, for a great session!


Feel free to share your opinions or feedback!

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