Meetup 78: Animating the Inanimate

Last weekend, we had Meghavarshini Krishnaswamy, one of our stalwart writers hosting a session on animating the inanimate. She is a great conversationalist, a consistent learner, an excellent thinker and thereby, a natural writer. Her sessions are usually well-researched and meticulously planned. And this weekend too, she managed to make us love her more.

When was the last time you looked at a ceiling fan and thought of the possibility of its thoughts or words? Well, this weekend, we all did. We thought of the randomest objects and their lives explained through their words and mouths.

Personification is a literary device that writers use to give inanimate objects human qualities or characteristics. Personification makes it easier for the reader to understand the description and put it into context. It also contributes to the mood of a scene and can be used to emphasize a point.

Some examples of personification include:

  1. The stars winked at her from the sky.
  2. The peeling paint and shutters hanging off the house made it look depressed.
  3. The sun snuck through the clouds in the morning.
  4. The flowers waltzed in time with the breeze.
  5. The river endeavored to swallow the earth whole.
  6. The bees played tag with each other as they raced between flowers.
  7. The sun glared, its anger heating the day.

The exercise:

Pick any object of your desire and personify the object with emotions, feelings, thoughts, actions and life. Write about the randomest things and rejuvenate a living soul into itself. Enthral the reader with every sense that the object can feel.

The writers:

Don’t they look great, when they’re deep in thought!


“Seeing the world from a different dimension is always refreshing. This time, the story is to be told from the perspective of an object. There were interesting views presented all over, it helped me see the consistent perception of the static.”


See you next weekend, at yet another great session! 🙂



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