Meetup 80: Thanksgiving Special

Writing For the Children, With the Children

Transforming the vivid and extraordinary imagination of a child into a story that instructs and delights is an experience. New words are created. Sounds, smells, tastes and colours enter pages like magical creatures. The sky turns purple, carpets grow limbs and pets talk! Every minute becomes an inspiration for a tale. Every person inspires wonder and affection.

The stories of our childhood continue to put a smile on our lips, as we remember the quirky characters, their bitter-sweet experiences, their humour and their dialogues.

This Saturday, the extremely exuberant children at Grace Model School met the people who inspire the most extraordinary literature in the world. With children (and teenagers) as your collaborators and your readers, create stories and memories.

The happy faces of children inspire us to write more!

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Thank you Meghavarshini for making this possible. Also thanks guys for being there and driving the kids in a creative direction. Satish Kache, Shazia Ahmad, Arun Vasireddy, Peeyush Vedadri, Gautam Emani, Hiranmayee Saipriya and Rahul



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