Meetup 83: Expanse, Part 3

From the end comes the beginning. From death comes life.
We have traveled with our protagonists over their glorious world’s. Traversing through time as a physical dimension, looping it as we wished, we created dotted lines which made for incredible ideas, everyone of it better than the other. We’ve seen the story unfold, in the most wonderful manner. Now, it’s time we ( Not the characters but the writers ) face the repercussions of meddling with the storylines. We are accountable. Not only towards the worlds we drew, but also the characters we chose. There are questions we need to answer.

Learn more on the meetup here: WC Meetup 83

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As we come to the end of Expanse, there is a lot that we learnt, a lot that we took back and a lot that we pride upon. This series has brought about the novelist in us to rise, shine and see our potential. And with that, we end the wonderful series that brought about the best of WC together! 🙂


See you next weekend at yet another wonderful session!


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Write Club Team comprises of highly motivated writers and creative inhabitants, who aspire to make Hyderabad an empowering abode for fabulous writers.

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