Little Ming

’You can live without money, you can even go hungry. But you cannot live without a friend.’ That’s what my dad said before putting the dog into my unsuspecting arms. I nearly dropped him, when I felt his puppy paws on my hands.

“Dad, I cannot take care of myself, how will I take care of this dog?!” I yelled.

“He’s not going to be a burden; we are going to train him so that he can take care of you, Bo.”

”All the other boys will walk their dogs and mine will walk me.” I sneered. No reply. There was silence. No one ever says anything back to me anymore. They become silent and wait till I cool down.

“It’s alright Bo.”

“We understand honey.”

“This is not you talking.”

“We know how difficult this is for you.”  Mum would say rubbing my back and then bursting into tears. That was the most frustrating one. I had to quench my anger and tell mum that I am okay.

I am not okay. I do not feel okay. My world will never be okay. I once had dreams and -things to look forward to- but now everything is just dark. Continue reading